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Council Oaks Assisted Living & In-Home Care
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Welcome Home to Council Oaks

Welcome to Council Oaks
Assisted Living and In-Home Care

Council Oaks is now proud to offer In-Home, Non-Medical Care.

Connect. Communicate. Care.

The mission of Council Oaks Assisted Living Home of Nicholasville is to assist seniors with their activities of daily living in a respectful, dignified manner in a homelike setting so that their independence and integrity are not only preserved but enhanced.

At Council Oaks, we pride ourselves in catering to our residents' wants and needs.  Too many times when we are serving seniors, we get too focused on their physical well-being, but equally important is catering to their personal interests, whether it be preparing their favorite meal or sharing memories or stories of their past. 

Before we began our ownership journey in the year 2000, we traveled across the nation and recognized that providers with lower unit counts combined with lower staff-to-resident ratios seemed to create a more homelike environment that fostered more individual fulfillment.  This environment is just one of the aspects that make Council Oaks special. 

We recognize that when you are relocating a senior from their own homes into an 'apartment' setting, they do not have access to positive stimulation needed on an everyday basis, often times resulting in feelings of isolation.  We take away the 'apartment' aspect and instead have developed a great big 'home' with private suites.  This organically encourages interaction with a full bodied community. 

The open concept promotes opportunities in all aspects of life, including plant life, inter-generational interplay and pet therapy as well as any activities that may be occurring at any given time during the day. When families are visiting, it also fosters a yesteryear approach to a sense of community.  Add the aromatherapy factor of good smells brewing in the kitchen, which is open to the dining room, and it DOES feel a whole lot like 'home.' Many times when we do have visitors, it looks as though we are experiencing a planned activity - and we are, because in our community, everything is an activity!  

Of course, for private visits, residents and family members always have the option of going to their private suite. Residents can choose to be as private or as public as they desire. 

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact us today and see how Council Oaks can best assist you.